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Area Information

Crete will welcome you with its hot smiling cretan sun ,the magic sounds of the Cretan Lyre, the amazing scents of olive, orange blossom and jasmine , a slice of cool red watermelon and a glass of iced Raki!

  • Beaches

Kato Daratso is surrounded by the stunning, long, organized sandy beaches of Agii Apostoli (Saint Apostles) and Hrissi akti (Golden Beach) which are the most popular beaches among the local people. You can reach them with a ten minute walk from our hotel. Agii Apostoli  is an oasis of peace and beauty. It is an extent of 600 acres including 4 creeks, 3 peninsulas and a beautiful large park with pine /eucalyptus trees, offered for recreation: jogging, walks ,cultural and athletic events. Even though  Agii Apostoli (3 beaches) and Hrissy Akti (1 beach) gather both local people and visitors, they remain fairly quiet places and are away from the coastal road. The water of these superb sandy beaches is shallow, so it is safe for children. One of these beaches also has a play area for children. A small white church on the top of a hill can give you a breathtaking view of all the Agii Apostoli beach and the beautiful sunset makes a lot of romantic couples have their wedding there. The sandy beaches are clear blue, with crystal clean water as they are rewarded every year with Blue flags!

  • Transportation

Bus stop: few meters from the hotel with routes to Chania centre every 15 minutes
Taxi: available upon request

  • Big supermarkets

INKA supermarkets and LIDL : 300 metres  away  from the hotel and many mini markets and taverns all around

  • A.T.M. machines

There is one 50 metres from the hotel out of Popi’s Bookshop , another one outside the bowling center and there is one outside of each supermarket

  • New National Road

Easy approach to the New National Road ( marked as E65 ) which connects all the main towns and cities of the north western and eastern coastline of the island of Crete

  • Restaurants and Cafes-Bar

Around the area for delicious Cretan –greek dishes and refreshing drinks

  • Museums of the Battle of Crete

One of the biggest battles of War World II in the square of village Galatas , 1km from Kato Daratso

  • Villages

Many small villages around Kato Daratso: Galatas, Theriso, Agia, Meskla etc : to explore the hospitality and generosity of Cretans and to experience the history ,the traditions and the villager’s activities

  • Products

The  agricultural products of the famous world known Mediterranean diet in this area:  olive trees, orange and lemon trees , grapes, home-made wine, honey ,goat cheese etc.

  • Activities/Recreation

Bowling Center- playground, mini-gulf, football and raquet field, beach volley, local cultural, traditional and athletic events, theatrical plays

  • The municipality of New Kydonia

Daratsos, Galatas, Stalos and Agia Marina  are villages that belong to the municipality of New Kydonia, which is located in the morth-western side of the prefecture of Chania.It is a coastal municipality, basically tourist, with 12,5 km of unique beaches and population of 7.301 residents that are multiplied at the summer months by the local and foreigner visitors. Remarkable is the particular natural beauty of the region. In all the northern extent you find superb, long ,sandy beaches, with tourist lodgings of all categories( from rooms to rent to luxurious hotels ). The beaches of Agii Apostoli and Hrissi Akti are very clean , as they are rewarded every year with blue flags

  • Mediterranean sea and region

Sea that touches nearly all parts of the Greek world, stretching from the Asia Minor colonies in the east to beyond Syracuse in the West , from the Pelolonnesus in the north to the shores of Africa in the south.
With a unique combination of pleasant climate,  beautiful coastline,  rich history  and  diverse culture,  the Mediterranea  region is the most popular  tourist  destination in the world, attracting approximately 1/3 of the world’s international tourists.